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"Mocking Hats of Heretics"
LP front (back available)


"Beggars and a Pig"
CD front


"Weeping Mary"
CD front (possibly T-shirt)


"The Witch Trials"
LP front, back


"Mountain of Crosses"
LP front, back


"To the Sabbath"
LP front, back


"Exquisite Taste of the Witch's Vagina"*
LP cover, front, back, 2fold


"Blood Feast"
CD front cover (back and inner booklet designs available)


CD or LP front design


"Medieval BBQ"
CD front cover


"Tomaso de Torquemada, Grand Inquisitor"
CD front cover


"Master Torturer"
CD front, back cover


"The Feast"
CD front cover, back cover


"The Execution"
CD front and psychedelic variant


CD front, back


"The Show is Over"
CD front, CD back, 2page


"Heinrich Kramer"
CD front color, CD front sepia, CD back


"Shameful Procession"
LP front cover


MC front design (CD possible)


"The Martyr"
CD front


LP front cover


"The Witch"
CD front


"Gallow Hill"
CD front (MC possible)


"Mass Graves"
CD front cover


"Three Marys"
CD front


CD front design


CD front, back


"Inquisitors Cuming"
(in cooperation with my friend Ladislav Píša)


all artworks © václav dr(o)))ned trajer