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Mork Borg has a special place in my rotten heart, so I decided to have a special section for the third party Mork Borg projects in which I participated.

They are listed according to the extent of my involvement (sometimes hard to measure it, so do not take it as a dogma).


Monsters! | A Mörk Borg Supplement

A collection of the most disgusting and terribly vile monsters! 

by Christian Eichhorn

From the renowned content creator there comes this third-party Mork Borg bestiary to which I had the pleasure and honor to contribute with almost 30 (!) of my full-page paintings! This is a thing you definitely need to have if you like my paintings or Mork Borg! 

Apart from Christian himself (make sure to check out his works, btw), the following patrons supported my work on this project. Thank you very much, mighty Patrons of the Dark Arts!!!


In Gaia's shadow
Selene's Eye has been blinded
Behold the darkness

Bryan "Cybershaman(X)" Logie
High Techno-Priest of the Dark Cyber Arts

The Green Bastard
In Hoc Monstro Vinces

Nathaniel Schultz
“Can't wait!”

Sir Odd
You might want to eat a nickel

The Black Hand
As the world gutters out and the kingdoms of men fall, all the blades are bloodied and broken, just like us. In spite of this you must take up arms and protect the things you hold dear, or reclaim that which you've lost!

Hobbie Regan
“That’s no moon.”

Elias John
The claw’s gonna getcha.


Derelict's Diary

by Skeeter Green Productions

7 full-color two-page pictures await you in this awesome Mork Borg supplement consisting of 165 pages of useful tables, character sheets and many more. Check out in the video:



A Growing Menace

by ThrowiGames

I illustrated whole this Mork Borg adventure except maps. This work is maybe the one I am the most proud of, because even though the book has one, and quite simple, theme - spiders - I think we, with its author Thom Wilson, were able to come with very variable and highly interesting visual content. There is an outdoor scene with altary, there are dungeon chambers with spider-god statues, there are dens of spiders, there are spider-mutants and many more. A total must not only for arachnophiliacs!

Check it out in the video on this page: 


A brutal gamebook in the Mork Borg world:


A third-party campaign for The Forbidden Psalm: