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"Demons and Nuns"
CD or MC design


"Deep in the Woods"
CD front, back


"Keepers of the Fungus Temple"*
LP design, front, back; CD twofold (digipack)


"Cave People"
LP front


LP front


"The Summoner"
album cover, 3-page design, openable for both sides


"The Bishop"
CD front, back – 2 variants


"The Schism"
CD front


"A Conclave"
CD front × two sided variant (back, front)


"Conclave II"


LP front design


"The Temptation of Saint Anthony"
CD front design, color variant


"Another Sabbath"
CD front, uncensored and censored variant


CD front


"Hell's Bridge"
CD front, back


"Demons at the Roots"
CD front, back


"Dark Mistress"
CD front


CD front


CD front


"The Demon"
CD front


"Servants of the Warlock"
LP front cover


CD album cover; front, 2× inner or back (each one can be also used as a front cover)


"Mr. Mushroom on a Walk with Friends"
MC front cover, LP front cover (deatails can be used in booklet)


"Pilgrim in the Moors" or "Ignis Fatuus"
CD cover designs, 3 variants


"The Seer"
CD front cover


"The Book"
CD cover front (back included)


album front cover, two variants


"Lord Fork"
album front cover, 2 variants


"The Goblet"
MC front


"The Grail"
CD cover design, 2 variants for the price of one


CD front (back available)


"The Greed" or "Three Kings"
CD front cover


"Birth of the Two-headed Calf"
CD front cover


"Acid Meeting"
CD cover, 2 variants


"Sleeping Giant"
(in cooperation with my friend Ladislav Píša)


"The Hag"
(in cooperation with my friend Ladislav Píša)


all artworks © václav dr(o)))ned trajer