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Direct links to some bands and projects to which I had the pleasure and honor contributing with my art 
































A third-party campaign for The Forbidden Psalm, inspired by Mörk Borg:








(my art here is on the inner cover, not on the sleeve)









Realm of Apokrypha – Across the Sea of Ghosts


AbyssalAegis – On a Darkened Path


Hideous Gomphidius – Keepers of the Fungal Order


GallowsLore – The Dance Goes On… 


Ahzidal – Omens




Postnuklearny – Fallen World
Perfect post-apo Dungeon Synth from one of the most prolific Polish DS artists.



Disenchant – A Druidess 
Second demo of old school atmospheric Dungeon Synth with various kinds of vocals.


Clyde Von Klaus – Klaustrophobic 
A doomy garage rock extravaganza.


Hounskull – LOW
Perfect deep water journey with traditional doom/heavy metal with psychedelic touch.


Witch King of Angmar – Decayed Wings Flutter Through the Trees
Dungeon Synth project inspired by Tolkien and witchcraft folklore.

Realm of Apokrypha – The Birth of the Crimson Empire
Dungeon Synth project inspired by Elder Scrolls and crusaders


"Mons Meg – Imperial Repulsion (Demo)"
Synth-based Melodic Death Metal from Florida. I did both the cover and the logo (in low-budget regime, appropriate for 3-tracks demo).


"Murder Van"
The debut album of the awesome thrashing old school death metal band from Atlanta, Georgia!


"Rhäzüns – Halloween Manifesto"
A Dungeon Synth / Dark Ambient project, both on CD and MC.


"The Dungeon in Deep Space"
An interesting blog dedicated to dungeon synth and dark ambient music.

"Remízek - The End" (single)
Experimental raw noise-drone-rock for fans of Boris, Sunn O))) or The Body.


"Cult of Sorrow - Invocation of the Lucifer"
High-quality traditional doom metal, gatefold LP cover. The banner and band logo are also of my making.


"Sarcasm Syndrome – Thy Darkness"
Legendary female fronted doom from Austria after 20 years of silence strikes again, and very hard.
Available on red marbled vinyl and CD.


"Bludy Gyres / DayGlo Mourning – Rope Enough For Two"
Split LP from two awesome doom bands. Give it a try on the Bandcamp to see that this is DOOOM AF and you need to have it in your LP collection. 


"Bludy Gyres – Behold! Your World Now Burns"

One 18 mins long mammoth of an epic doom track in the vein of good-old Black Sabbath with touches of psychedelia and prog. Dark and gloomy in atmosphere and production, yet very colorfull in terms of song structure, riffing and singing, from Atlanta, Georgia. I had the honor to do album graphic layout of this piece as well. Behold! Your world Now Burns!!!


"Plague mask – The Frailty Of Human Existence"
Very original, medieval atmospheric sludge form Syracuse, New York, for which I did also the band logo.
Highly recommended heavy shit!!!


"Muttant – In the Land of Dark Mounatins"
Barbarian lo-fi doom noise drum and bass madness from fearless experimantators Muttant.  


"Muttant – The Drones"
Rather unrecognized drone-doom/noise from the Czech Republic, my home country
Recommended only for deep underground drone maniacs.


"Remízek – Dunna"
Desert-stoner duo in which I played guitar.