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Direct links to some bands and projects to which I had the pleasure and honor contributing with my art. (Mork Borg collaborations have their own section here.)







































(my art here is on the inner cover, not on the sleeve)









Realm of Apokrypha – Across the Sea of Ghosts


AbyssalAegis – On a Darkened Path


Hideous Gomphidius – Keepers of the Fungal Order


GallowsLore – The Dance Goes On… 


Ahzidal – Omens




Postnuklearny – Fallen World
Perfect post-apo Dungeon Synth from one of the most prolific Polish DS artists.



Disenchant – A Druidess 
Second demo of old school atmospheric Dungeon Synth with various kinds of vocals.


Clyde Von Klaus – Klaustrophobic 
A doomy garage rock extravaganza.


Hounskull – LOW
Perfect deep water journey with traditional doom/heavy metal with psychedelic touch.


Witch King of Angmar – Decayed Wings Flutter Through the Trees
Dungeon Synth project inspired by Tolkien and witchcraft folklore.

Realm of Apokrypha – The Birth of the Crimson Empire
Dungeon Synth project inspired by Elder Scrolls and crusaders


"Mons Meg – Imperial Repulsion (Demo)"
Synth-based Melodic Death Metal from Florida. I did both the cover and the logo (in low-budget regime, appropriate for 3-tracks demo).


"Murder Van"
The debut album of the awesome thrashing old school death metal band from Atlanta, Georgia!


"Rhäzüns – Halloween Manifesto"
A Dungeon Synth / Dark Ambient project, both on CD and MC.


"The Dungeon in Deep Space"
An interesting blog dedicated to dungeon synth and dark ambient music.

"Remízek - The End" (single)
Experimental raw noise-drone-rock for fans of Boris, Sunn O))) or The Body.


"Cult of Sorrow - Invocation of the Lucifer"
High-quality traditional doom metal, gatefold LP cover. The banner and band logo are also of my making.


"Sarcasm Syndrome – Thy Darkness"
Legendary female fronted doom from Austria after 20 years of silence strikes again, and very hard.
Available on red marbled vinyl and CD.


"Bludy Gyres / DayGlo Mourning – Rope Enough For Two"
Split LP from two awesome doom bands. Give it a try on the Bandcamp to see that this is DOOOM AF and you need to have it in your LP collection. 


"Bludy Gyres – Behold! Your World Now Burns"

One 18 mins long mammoth of an epic doom track in the vein of good-old Black Sabbath with touches of psychedelia and prog. Dark and gloomy in atmosphere and production, yet very colorfull in terms of song structure, riffing and singing, from Atlanta, Georgia. I had the honor to do album graphic layout of this piece as well. Behold! Your world Now Burns!!!


"Plague mask – The Frailty Of Human Existence"
Very original, medieval atmospheric sludge form Syracuse, New York, for which I did also the band logo.
Highly recommended heavy shit!!!


"Muttant – In the Land of Dark Mounatins"
Barbarian lo-fi doom noise drum and bass madness from fearless experimantators Muttant.  


"Muttant – The Drones"
Rather unrecognized drone-doom/noise from the Czech Republic, my home country
Recommended only for deep underground drone maniacs.


"Remízek – Dunna"
Desert-stoner duo in which I played guitar.