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"Defender of Camelot"
LP design front


"Hero Meets Monster"
LP front


"Ravens and Red Weeds"*
LP design, front


"Grim Barbarian"
T-Shirt or CD design


"Counsel of the Vigilant Warlords"*
LP design: front side, back side, twofold


"An Egg"*
LP design; front, back


LP front


"Audience at the Crom's Court"
LP front


"Hydra Slayer"
LP front


"The Marching Army"
LP front cover design


"Crippled Warrior"
up-to-down two fold CD cover design; on the front side the warrior looks rather OK, but when you open booklet for down (back) side, his wooden leg appears; cassette variant also possible (on the first picture below)


"Spiked Club Chieftain"
MC design, CD design  


"Sultan's Horde"
CD design, front and some other possible variants (inner, back...); MC design also possible


"A Mercenary"
LP design


"Ogre Killer"
LP front cover


"Vikings Landing"
LP front cover


CD front cover design, 2 variants


"Mace Duel"
MC design (CD possible) 


"Flying Beast"
front, back CD cover design


"Court of the Ogre Lord"
MC cassette design; CD design (back, front)


"Multiheaded Monster"
MC cassette design (horizontal); Mini-CD design (back, front, whole)


"Hunter of the Old Ones"
CD cover design


"Troll Hunter"
CD front


"The Shield"
CD cover design


"Alien Enslaver"
CD cover design


CD design front


"She, the Chieftain"
CD front cover, back included


"The Horde"
LP front, back


(in cooperation with my friend Ladislav Píša)


all artworks © václav dr(o)))ned trajer