"Oceans of Blood"
$250 original mixed media on paper approx. 11 × 16" (FREE shipping anywhere)


"Thugs in the Dark Forest"
$100 original ink on A3 paper (FREE shipping everywhere)


"Multiheaded Monster"
MC cassette design (horizontal); Mini-CD design (back, front, whole)



"Gallows Ghosts"
$60 for licensing as a CD/MC/LP cover
$75 original ink on A4 paper (plus $10 shipping)


License not available
$75 original ink/watercolor on approx. A4 paper ($10 shipping anywhere)


"Flying Castles"
Original not available

$100 original ink on A3 paper (shipping FREE), licensed to a grindcore band


$85 original ink on paper approx. 15,7 × 15,7" ($10 shipping anywhere), licensed to a dungeon synth band